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Modular solutions to fasttrack your system development.

About Saas Modules

We provide a free cloud based SDK solutions to fasttrack and simplify application development.

We also offer Enterprise Solutions for clients that needs assistance in building more complex systems using our platform. You describe what you need and we build it for you.

SAAMODULE SDK Sharing Program

We provide training for developers who wants to learn how to use our API. and our team offers profit sharing for those who contributes in building more SDK features.


LINKSAFE is a privacy tool that allows you to share web contents without exposing the source location.
Go to https://media.saasmodules.com/linksafe.php
and fill up the form to share web contents by generating a LINKSAFE code.

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BITRONIX FLASHDB is a lightning fast database solution for quick response and data caching purposes.
Click here for BITRONIX Documentation


We provide Enterprise Backend for members and report management to effectively control member access and track revenue and analytics.

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For Inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].